Planning your project can be a complicated task that will take a significant amount of time, energy, and money.  In addition, you will need a working knowledge of building codes, design specifications, and building processes. L&R Construction Services has the capability to minimize your design and planning anxieties by assisting you with your project feasibility concerns, construction budgets, constructability obstacles, and design of your project. We offer the following services to assist with your pre-construction activities:


Property Acquisition Consulting: It is important to investigate the feasibility of actually developing your project on the property you are considering purchasing. This can include a detailed investigative report containing a review of the zoning ordinances, planning requirements, and engineering constraints and considerations. In addition, we can identify an approximate permitting approval time frame and the feasibility that you will be able to develop your proposed project within your budget. This service will minimize your exposure in acquiring a parcel of land that you cannot develop to fully meet your needs.


Permit Acquisition:  Permits are one of the most important aspects of any project. Proper approval of the design and engineering must be granted in order to begin construction. The number of permits required could range from one to more than three dozen. We can provide the services of coordinating the applications, planning for and attending hearings, and monitoring governmental reviews of the design documents. By assuring that all permits are applied for and received prior to the start of construction, unnecessary delays can be avoided during construction.


Engineering and Design:  A professional set of construction documents is essential in obtaining the highest quality of workmanship for the most economical construction dollar.  Starting with a conceptual design, we will expedite the development of an accurate set of construction plans and specifications for your project.  This includes coordinating a team of quality engineers, designers, and architects to successfully complete the design of your development. By having a group of professional constructors and designers on your pre-construction team, we can provide value engineering which will help to lower your construction costs while ultimately bringing your completed project to market faster.


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