The construction phase of any project is the most visible aspect of your development. It is the phase in which a two dimensional paper plan turns into a three dimensional living entity. In order to accomplish this phase, it is critical to employ the expertise of a builder. Depending on the needs and requirements of your project, one of the following contractual arrangements can be provided by L&R Construction Services:


Design-Build: L&R Construction Services will perform the roll as a “Project Development Manager”. A team of design professionals, consultants, and architects will be assembled to develop the owner’s conceptual design into a working set of blueprints for permitting and construction. L&R Construction Services will be the constant factor in assuring that all aspects of the design are properly communicated in the plans and specifications to ensure successful and rapid completion of the project.


General Contracting: This form of contracting is most commonly known among owners. L&R Construction Services has the ability to provide general contracting services and to provide construction costs for your project in this contractual relationship as long as plans and specifications have been prepared and coordinated by the owner prior to soliciting bids.


Construction Management: L&R Construction Services can provide management services to assist you with your programs or large volumes of projects. This method of contracting is beneficial when you require construction services at a significant number of locations to be completed in a short time frame.


Regardless of the method of contracting, L&R Construction Services will provide the highest quality Project Management and Field Supervision Services for the following activities:


Plan & Schedule

  • Plan what is to be done (evaluate the scope of work) and the proper sequences
  • Develop competitive bidding packages for subcontractor pricing
  • Develop a baseline schedule for the proposed scope of work


Allocate Work & Trade Permits

  • Write subcontractor contracts and supplier purchase orders for work to be completed
  • Insure that permission has been granted prior to construction
  • Review for proper insurance requirements


Quality Control of Work and Documentation

  • Enforce the quality of construction and verify plans and specifications
  • Insure that all applicable documents are completed to insure compliance with appropriate lien laws and to protect the owner’s interest in the property being developed

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