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The post construction phase is as important to the overall project as the design and construction. This phase consists of providing the proper documentation to successfully complete your development and to provide a network of continual service to meet your future maintenance and repair needs. L&R Construction Services can meet any and all of your post construction needs:

Completing and submitting “As-built” plans
Obtaining and providing all final approvals for operation

Close Out
Paying all subcontractors and vendors for material and labor
Obtaining waivers of lien rights from all subcontractors and vendors
Providing the owner with a final waiver of lien

Providing the owner with a Warranty Manual outlining the terms and conditions of warranty on equipment
Providing warranty on subcontractor workmanship and material as outlined in the plans and specifications or for a period of one year from acceptance by owner, whichever is greater

After a project is completed, there will be a need to maintain the facility on a regular basis and make necessary repairs. L&R Construction Services is proud to offer the following facilities maintenance services. In addition to those listed, it may be necessary to review your specific needs and requirements:

Office renovations and expansions
Building system upgrades and maintenance (electrical, mechanical, plumbing)
Exterior building repairs and maintenance
Selective or complete site and building demolition

Site Pavement & Lighting
Asphalt replacement and skin coating, concrete replacement/installations
Area and building lighting installation and maintenance